Hybrid Conference: Questions to think through

  • Overall Experience (5 questions)
  • Nuts and Bolts (3 questions)
  • Videos? (2 questions)
  • Hiring Help (2 kinds)
  • Platform (1 question)

Overall Experience (5 questions)

Question 1: What kind of interaction/experience do you imagine for the hybrid piece?

Nuts and Bolts (3 questions)

Question 1: After figuring out each event type’s answer to “online, in-person, or hybrid modality (check all that applies),” what is the decision tree for deciding which presentation goes where?

Videos? (2 questions)

Question 1: Are you going to require videos?

Hiring Help (2 kinds)

One of the “triangles” you will have to grapple with is the balance between cost, quality, and volunteer time. This triangle is especially relevant around hiring help. To lower cost, you will likely need to lower quality and/or increase volunteer time. To increase quality, you’ll need to increase cost and/or volunteer time. While decreasing volunteer time (because you don’t want to burn out your volunteers, they have mental health needs, too) will require increasing costs and/or lowering quality.

Platform (1 question)

Question 1: What platform are you going to use?


And that is a much longer blog post than I thought this would be. I hope this was useful and suspect it’s still not as organized as it could be. If any of this sparked more questions or things you’d like me to elaborate on, leave a comment or reach out!



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Kristin Stephens-Martinez

Kristin Stephens-Martinez

Assistant Professor of the Practice in Computer Science at Duke University