Hybrid Chair for SIGCSE TS 2022

  • Questions to think through if you want to do a hybrid conference — This one is first in my queue and will be a more nicely organized version of what I’ve been sending to those who email me asking about hybrid.
  • An event for online attendees first: Authors’ Corner — We created this for authors and attendees participating virtually. If you can’t wait for this post, the SIGCSE TS 2022’s website has text about it for the authors and the attendees. And it looks like the RESPECT conference is also planning to do one.
  • It should be a Hybrid Committee — I was a committee of one. I really shouldn’t have been. But we didn’t know any better at the time. I’ll discuss in this post the plans for SIGCSE TS 2023 and the committee I’m creating (the hybrid chair position is for 2-years).
  • People will change modality. Plan for it! — A discussion on how to think through last-minute modality changes, how we handled it, and what I wish we did.
  • Should videos be required? — My opinion about when to require videos and how to use them.
  • How much time this all took me — This is more like my usual reflection + quantitative-self posts.



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Kristin Stephens-Martinez

Kristin Stephens-Martinez

Assistant Professor of the Practice in Computer Science at Duke University